The Spark

The magic apothecary in my home as a child was my mother. She would always look to the most common sense solution for an issue before anything else. Especially when it came to taking care of us all. If it was a cold, we would have to gargle with salt water, follow it with drinking copious steaming mugs of hot water, lemon and honey. And repeat. If it was a swollen something, she would alternate heating and cooling the affected area. Mental calamity? Talk it out. Sunburn? Aloe. Pimple? Tea Tree oil. Headache? Peppermint oil on cold compress applied to the head. It was rare my mother would ever prescribe a simple tylenol, employ expensive therapy or do something as outlandish as serve us something for dinner that was frozen or from a can.

That was just who my mother was, and still is. If she’s going to do something she’s going to do it the way her mom taught her, the most natural way, with the most natural ingredients she can find. It’s even in the way she loves. It’s no frills, serious, simple love. I never doubted that my mom loved me. If I did she would slap me upside the head and ask, “What. Are you stupid?!” And, maybe that sounds awful to some – but it is such a comfort to me. It started me in this life with a handful of very firm answers to all of life’s problems: don’t over complicate; if you’re going to trust two things let it be your gut and nature; use what’s real, tried & true, and simple; and finally, her favourite – a positive attitude will cure anything. Now, at almost twenty-nine I am happily married and mother to a healthy, beautiful two-year old boy, unequivocally because my mother taught me everything I know.


Hence the spark. This blog is dedicated to her (even after she finds out how much of my husband’s money I’m spending.) My love of bath salts, essential oils even beautiful, quirky bottles filled with mysterious ointments and elixirs, all of it is her. And, if you haven’t already sorted it out, this blog might have a particular bend toward the natural elements, ingredients, methods and remedies … someday I’ll tell you how she once told me to rub bergamot essential oil between my hands, hold them to my face and then inhale, and how that saved my life in my teenage years.

Whatever the seemingly intangible quality I love about these lotions & potions, they certainly have never lost their magic – or effectiveness – for me. I hope this venture leads to some beauty adventures, I hope to find my explorative spirit and honour my childhood self, the little girl who spent hours mixing up trouble in the sink when she was supposed to be gargling salt water and going to bed.

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