Review – from Jeju or from Heaven?

When the spoilers came around for memebox’s From Jeju edition, I clamoured to find them. This was one box I had been looking forward to for quite a while. It felt like it took forever for its shipping date to arrive, and then even longer to actually ship to my door. I was mid-wait when I saw the first unboxing picture of the box, and just like that, the great white hope, the excitement, the anticipation was dashed. Upon first look, it seemed to me to be a pretty unexciting box. My initial thought was, wait … two products that are one use only, a hand cream, a sample size … sigh. So, I waited for my own to arrive, knowing that and reminding myself that even when a box doesn’t excite you when you see it online, it is totally different when it is in your hands.


Jeju arrived tonight and I unpacked it with my usual zeal. I read the information card and looked through my box’s contents. As I drove home from the post office, I unpackaged the hand cream and rubbed a little between my palms.

This is where my attitude got put in check and things started to turn around.

The Yeon hand cream smelled, downright heavenly. Floral, soft, practically effervescent! Normally, I find floral scents very hard to take because they tend to be intense. Though this one is strong, it is beautiful and the aroma mellows quickly. It isn’t greasy or oily in the slightest and it sinks into your skin incredibly rapidly, and the finish is silky verging on powdery. I absolutely love this “Jeju Canola Honey” Silky Hand Cream, and I never say that about hand creams.


Later on, while soaking my worries away in my tub, I kept staring at the rest of my box’s goodies. I hadn’t planned on trying anything new because I am still gun-shy from my experiences with the Linzy Egg Soaps but if I finally liked a hand cream, maybe that was a cosmic sign.

I cleansed with the “SanDa Wha” Oil Cleanser and was pleasantly surprised. It smelled sweet, mild and of chamomile. It felt incredibly soft and wonderful between my fingers, and my skin loved it. No issues with irritation and it left my face feeling comfortable. Also did a commendable job removing my makeup. I was disappointed off the hop when I saw it, because it is very small. Memebox says it is full size and though I like it, I still question that. It is 30ml, I hope it will last and it should, as you don’t need much to cleanse your face.

I followed that with the “HallaBong” Peeling Toner. Ok, I know I keep harping on the scents of products this time around, but oh my God – this toner smells freaking unbelievable. Fruity, fresh, crisp and clean. It is an absolute treat for your nostrils. Now, I didn’t find any “peeling” to speak of, in this peeling toner … but I have to confess I used the Lemon D-Toc peeling gel this morning, so this might have altered the efficacy of this Hallabong toner. Yet, that doesn’t take anything away from its impressiveness. This toner left my skin looking so bright and awake I will have to start using this in the morning. It also didn’t irritate my skin, not even the left over red bumps from my recent breakout. I was happily applying this toner over and over, smelling it and making Hubby smell it. I love love, love this!

Then, since I was riding high, I threw caution to the wind and whipped out the “Skindeco” Volcanic Pore Clay Sparkling Heating Mask. This stuff is bizarre! But bizarre in the best way! First off, the texture is other-wordly. It looks and feels like hard-whipped whipped cream, it looks almost dessert like. It even smells kind of dessert like! It is light brown, and silky soft. It is very thick but easy enough to apply over your face. It quickly heats up, and while you remove it, it heats up even more (though I tend to react differently than most with these Korean heating masks) I enjoyed it. I left my pores cleared out completely. The texture was the most surprising, at first glance I thought it was dried out but it wasn’t at all … it was just trying to trick me. I think this mask will be a favourite among Memebox addicts worldwide. It could have qualified to go into an “OMG Box” without a doubt.


These three products are my standouts from the “From Jeju” box from Memebox. I feel like I may have judged this box sight-unseen, harshly and with undue haste. Also, I think I was swayed into thinking this was going to be a poor box because the packaging of these products are rather ho-hum. Yet, after trying these products for myself, I am convinced that this box is a quiet winner. The box also included a one-use sleeping pack from Etude House, a sheet mask and a serum. The serum, in my opinion, was rather mediocre. It didn’t smell of anything particularly yummy, and it was slightly oily. It didn’t sink into my skin as fast as I would like, either. I am trying the sleeping pack tonight, mainly just to be rid of it, and the sheet mask will go into my collection of sheet masks for use later on. All in all, this little box changed my mind and made me put my attitude away. I think the four products I mentioned in detail above make this box worth the money, which is something I questioned early on. Perhaps this will teach me to get my box first before having an opinion about it.

We can only hope. Until next time Beauty-mavens. Be safe out there.

16 thoughts on “Review – from Jeju or from Heaven?

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re now looking forward to your box, you should be! It’s nice to have the excitement & anticipation! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, I appreciate the support and I love to hear other people’s perspective!


  1. Great review. I felt the same when I initially got my box but after using the products I think it’s one of the best boxes so far. I’ve managed to get 2 uses out of the sleeping pack and my skin has felt great the next morning xx


    • Definitely, I just applied the sleeping mask! Easily enough for two uses! I like the smell … not so much the texture. Hope my skin is happy in the morning! Thank you for commenting, I love to hear other’s feedback!


    • I’m finding this to be true more often, Joanne. You’re right. It is just hard to not have preconceived ideas about the box when you see spoilers so early on. And, I am horrible for that. I seek out the spoilers! I will try to be less judgmental in the future! Thanks for stopping by to read & commenting. I really appreciate it!


  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. You have a nice style of writing 🙂

    All the products in the box seem do good. I can never use heating masks though coz they always make me break out.


    • Well, thank you for reading & commenting! I appreciate it! It is too bad that heating masks break you out! This one is particularly odd, and for that reason alone – I liked it! However, you’ll probably be able to swap or sell that mask really easily!


  3. Yay! I loved this box as well. The hand cream smells so nice, a very mild honey floral scent almost like honeysuckle and leaves my hands ssoooo soft. I’m saving it for when the temperatures drop =p. And the hallobang isn’t overly citrusy and and very light. I don’t notice anything peeling off my skin, but do notice that my dry skin isn’t flaking so I think it’s working!
    It’s been a week and I already forgot about the mask! Thanks for reminder! I can’t wait to try it tonight! Also, there’s a ton of stuff in the spoon… It lasted me 3 nights. I just keep it in a container so stuff doesn’t get on it since it’s wide open.


  4. I love the way you write! I really liked this box, but I do wish they would include more then one of these one time use items, I refuse to count them as full size! Now I want to run and try the mask, gosh the problem with having to much products are that you just want to use everything all at once.


    • Well, thank you for the compliment! I’m like you, I HATE when they only include one sheet mask for example! How can you tell if you like something from one mask??? They should give you three in a box, like they did for anti-aging 3 (they sent three “when” masks) and I loved those!


  5. I just stumbled across your blog I also got this Memebox and just now tried the mask. I guess I’ve never tried a heating mask, but it’s like burning hot, is that normal?


    • It seems normal. Because that is what happens to me – those masks really do heat up on me personally. I like it – they heat up but they don’t seem to bother my skin at all (afterward no irritation) but I have talked to others that have said the heating masks don’t heat up on their skin at all! So it must be VERY individual to the person and their skin type. So try it out. Yes it might be very hot, usually it dies down – rinse with cool water, and see how your skin reacts after the fact. I send you good skin care vibes and hope you enjoy these masks sans injury! xo


      • Thanks! I guess I haven’t tried a heating mask before and it was not only hot but burned and when I rinsed off with warm water made it worse. lol I got smart and rinsed with cool water and was fine. I didn’t have any redness or irritation after I rinsed it off. I can’t imagine it not heating on someone.


      • neither could I, but its true! Yeah the secret is to keep it on as long as you can stand, and rinse with cool water. Warm water? Nightmare! But Im like you, it “burned” or stung quite a bit so I was surprised after washing it away my skin hadn’t blown up. Quite amazing!


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