This girl’s life-long obsession with lotions and potions began a long time ago … When I was just wee, I thought myself the world’s first pint-sized apothecary. I would spend the summer afternoons concocting whimsy and delight in my parent’s garden. Methodically combining items like flower petals, glistening bird bath water and grass (cures heartbreak, if you didn’t know) or strips of bark from a birch tree, with sun-warmed hose-water and a pinch of dirt (cures a rift between friends) in little jars that I would secretly keep. In need of love potion were you? I had the answer: cinnamon, cardamom, clove and glitter! Keep some of that in your pocket and you’ll be irresistible to your beloved … and so my childhood took shape.

I spent hours in my mother’s trinkets, mixing and combining whatever my imagination was inspired by. It gave me creative veins that still run deep – and cost my mother dearly – more than a few times I heard, “But where is my…? I could have sworn I had … Kelsey Leigh!” Yet, something tells me she didn’t really mind me sneaking her hand creams, serums or bath salts … I gained from my mother my love of skin care, bath & body goodies, and even more importantly she instilled in me an appreciation and deep belief of natural remedies, natural beauty products and essential oils. So much so, that as I grew older I started to believe a little less in magic (glitter as it turns out, does not cure all) and more in the true power and potency there was to be found in the natural world and natural things.

This blog will be about reconnecting with that part of me. There is so much to explore in the world of beauty and here is where I will combine those few things that I love so much, “All These Potions and Lotions” and my need and love of writing …  So let’s explore and let our inner apothecary reign!


Kelsey Leigh – Potions Master and Glitter Aficionado


* * *

Kelsey is a mom of one, a wife to a handsome uber-nerd and has a diploma in Writing & Publishing & Print Design from Okanagan College. When she’s not reading, blogging or writing her never-finished book, watching Supernatural and Gilmore Girls reruns or drinking coffee, she is toddler-minding, snapping pictures and loving life, especially if she has a new lipgloss. She and her family live in Vancouver, Canada on BC’s west coast. Her hometown is Kelowna BC. She’s a self-professed daddy’s girl but is the spitting image of her Ukrainian mama in body, spitfire nature, and rapid-fire sass-mouth. Kelsey’s greatest joy is her baby boy, Jonah. A two year old that already has her famous dramatic flair, volume and stubborn attitude. She calls this an “evolutionary win” in procreation.


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