Don’t be Daft – I Have Many Obsessions – This is Just One of Them

This was me in july when i received my first box. 2014-08-07_1407380172

My dear friend Chelsea’s voice was ringing in my head, “Beware products from overseas! They’ll burn your skin off!”

Ok, well. She said something like that anyway. I usually listen to Chels, my beauty guru. She knows everything about cosmetics, she has exquisite taste and she is obsessed with sparkly trinkets and glitter just as I am. If I wasn’t already twenty years deep with Bestie, I’d consider giving Chelsea the best friend crown. Katrina, my best friend is going to read this and be thinking my head would look prettier separate from my body. Well? Not everything can be helped, Bestie, and our relationship would be healthier if you didn’t roll your eyes at me in Sephora when I ask your opinion on eyeshadow. For shame. Sephora is holy.

So, against my friend’s advice I ordered my first box. When I received it weeks later, its hot pink outer shell and wondrous and zany innards made my beauty-geek fingers tremble. It was cosmetic-love at first sight. it wasn’t long before I was obsessed with this company called “Memebox” and I was chatting online in the forums, posting and gabbing on Instagram. Actually, I’ve met and made some fantastic new friends from all over the world. These twenty-something dollar boxes have improved my social life. It went from non-existent to expensive but riveting.

Now, I’ve been in deep with these pink boxes since the summer and I’ve acquired a few more boxes since I decided I might try my hand at being a beauty-blogger. So this, my dear ones, is the recap of what I’ve experienced so far – in rapid fire speed.

I’ve been unboxing my treasures on Instagram and doing small reviews on the products that to me were gems, and the products that did less than shine in my opinion and they have been fairly well received by my small audience of friends in the memebox addiction realm. It has been fun, but the more I posted the more I grew and nurtured this new compulsion: to blog about beauty. Why? Well, because I am already a mommy-blogger and writing is in my blood. It was only a matter of time before these two loves got into bed together and shagged. Now, here we are, in post-coital beauty bliss.

2014-09-10_1410315795      2014-08-23_1408765774 2014-09-30_1412054868      2014-09-25_1411626013 2014-09-23_1411447620      2014-09-25_1411627369

That’s a selection of my unboxings – and don’t worry, mom. That “selection” is most of what I’ve acquired. From the top down we’ve got the Earth & Sea Box, The Anti-Aging 2 Box, The Honey Box, The Moisture Surge Box, The Anti-Aging 3 and finally, The Whole Grains 2 Box. As I said I’ve done a few mini-reviews on products here and there and in the coming days I will post those findings here on the blog for your amusement as your personal product-testing-monkey.

As for how this blog will unfold, well, as far as memebox is concerned, I will do unboxings but I will focus on reviews of individual products because this is what I see the least of, out there in the blogosphere. And, it is what I love to read personally, not just a product’s specs as given to us by the company or memebox but how it feels, smells, reacts and if it follows through on its claims. You know – the real beauty nitty gritty.

You know I’ll bend toward the more “natural” products I receive so expect to see a lot of that but please leave a comment if there is something you’d like to see, discuss or have reviewed, you know should anyone ever see this little blog … she’s a modest one but she desires to be undressed by your eyes! Huh. I think sounded way less creepy in my head.

And, I believe in transparency! So, tonight I became an affiliate to Memebox because it was time. I spend enough money so I better just have a link for those of you wanting to tread down the path I did. It’s nice here. Think I’ll stay. Join me, won’t you?

I’ll have a link below of course, but here are few things to know: Memebox is a company based in Seoul, Korea. They have another headquarters in San Fran USA. They are non-subsciption service catering to those who desire new and cutting-edge Korean Beauty Products. Adventurous spirit an asset. By non-subscription I mean you don’t get a box every month or at any interval that is set by the company – you set the interval. Buy a box here, or buy twenty boxes there – it is completely up to you. The boxes are themed, come in different sizes and run the gamete of prices from $15 to $60+ dollars (USD) though the majority of boxes are priced at $23. I have exclusively purchased boxes between the $19 – $29 dollar mark (except one. Damn you Anti-Aging Box 2) because I am a stay at home mom on a budget but the boxes I’ve received have exceeded the purchase value and have been well worth it. Though be knowledgable, in doing some research I have found that memebox can inflate or overstate the retail value of the individual products – but that doesn’t seem to affect the box price, just memebox’s estimated value of the box. In short, the boxes are a great, extremely fair deal but if you want individual products and you’re looking at memeshop (on the memebox website) some times it pays to look at ebay or amazon to compare prices.

I look forward to blogging about all my upcoming boxes, discussing with you the winning products, the poopers and hopefully giving you reviews you find helpful and engaging.

To all my other beauty bloggers out there, thank you. Your blogs have truly made me feel apart of a little community, I hope this blog finds its place among you. Now. Onward. To beauty adventures!

{Disclaimer – all boxes on this blog have been purchased by my own money, and all links are affiliate}

The Spark

The magic apothecary in my home as a child was my mother. She would always look to the most common sense solution for an issue before anything else. Especially when it came to taking care of us all. If it was a cold, we would have to gargle with salt water, follow it with drinking copious steaming mugs of hot water, lemon and honey. And repeat. If it was a swollen something, she would alternate heating and cooling the affected area. Mental calamity? Talk it out. Sunburn? Aloe. Pimple? Tea Tree oil. Headache? Peppermint oil on cold compress applied to the head. It was rare my mother would ever prescribe a simple tylenol, employ expensive therapy or do something as outlandish as serve us something for dinner that was frozen or from a can.

That was just who my mother was, and still is. If she’s going to do something she’s going to do it the way her mom taught her, the most natural way, with the most natural ingredients she can find. It’s even in the way she loves. It’s no frills, serious, simple love. I never doubted that my mom loved me. If I did she would slap me upside the head and ask, “What. Are you stupid?!” And, maybe that sounds awful to some – but it is such a comfort to me. It started me in this life with a handful of very firm answers to all of life’s problems: don’t over complicate; if you’re going to trust two things let it be your gut and nature; use what’s real, tried & true, and simple; and finally, her favourite – a positive attitude will cure anything. Now, at almost twenty-nine I am happily married and mother to a healthy, beautiful two-year old boy, unequivocally because my mother taught me everything I know.


Hence the spark. This blog is dedicated to her (even after she finds out how much of my husband’s money I’m spending.) My love of bath salts, essential oils even beautiful, quirky bottles filled with mysterious ointments and elixirs, all of it is her. And, if you haven’t already sorted it out, this blog might have a particular bend toward the natural elements, ingredients, methods and remedies … someday I’ll tell you how she once told me to rub bergamot essential oil between my hands, hold them to my face and then inhale, and how that saved my life in my teenage years.

Whatever the seemingly intangible quality I love about these lotions & potions, they certainly have never lost their magic – or effectiveness – for me. I hope this venture leads to some beauty adventures, I hope to find my explorative spirit and honour my childhood self, the little girl who spent hours mixing up trouble in the sink when she was supposed to be gargling salt water and going to bed.